What is a Virtual Race

Covid-19 pandemic has been on the front stage forcing major sporting activities to be cancelled or postponed. However, we should not sit and wait for the pandemic to be over but to continue to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle starting from us and influencing others. We should not forget all the beautiful sites and sceneries around us in the Mekong region and embrace ourselves in them. As the new normal advises that we may not able to run in a big groups, there are virtual runs as an alternative which will allow us, our families and friends to continue to stay healthy. Do come and join us at our annual Bagan International Friendship Virtual Race 2020. A new-normal and unique running event organised The RVi Group this year, not limited any physical location or boundaries takes running onto a new platform. For those recreation runners, you can clock your run at your own leisure and pleasure. For those from the greater Mekong region, whether you are a recreational or a competitive runner, you can decide on your own route and what better way to promote your country’s tourism but to showcase the sights of your country! There are 3 race distances for participants to choose from. Each of the distance has it's own significance –

➡ 5.5 KM represents 55 Years of Diplomatic Relations Between Myanmar and Singapore
➡ 7.0 KM represents 70 Years of Diplomatic Relations Between Myanmar and China
➡ 30 KM represents 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations Between Singapore and China.

Participants will be required to submit their individual entries (i.e. strava output, photo at the starting point) to the organiser via social media from 1 November 2020 to 25 November 2020 (14:00 UTC+8), to qualify the completion medals T-shirts. Based on the entries submitted, the judges would then select a number of the better runners from each category and will ask them to run again with a video record for the final race which will be telecast live on 29 November 2020. Participants who are registered for 30 KM will not need to run again, but they will have to take video record in the first round. The top 3 runners from each category would also be rewarded with attractive prizes. For recreation runners, they will also be able to clock their runs at their own leisure. Contact us to find out more about the Bagan International Friendship Virtual Race 2020! Be Part of It! Register now! If you are a student, please use "studentprice" promo code to receive student discount. You just need to provide your student ID and school details.

How to download Strava

How to save video

Race Entitlements

Finisher T-Shirt

Finisher Medals

Group Registration & Discount

Dear Participant: For group discount please email us at: [email protected].

  • For 5-9 runners: 5% Discount
  • For 10-14 runners: 10% Discount
  • For 15 or more runners: 15% Discount

Thank you we look forward to hearing from you!

Let the Virtual Race Begin!